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anxiety natural remedies
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natural anxiety treatment
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natural anxiety help
 remedies for anxiety naturally
natural remedies for anxiety
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Natural cure for panic attack and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Relaxation God's Way
God's Affirmation
Fruit of the Spirit: Love
Anxiety and rest are mutually exclusive – it is not possible to be anxious and relaxed at the
same time. This is because of the hormone cortisol. When cortisol is elevated we have a fight or flight
response. Although the initial rush of the similar but faster reacting hormone called adrenalin can feel
good, even mildly elevated levels of cortisol over a long period of time results in anxiety while high levels
can bring on heart palpitations, racing heart, dizziness and a sense of loosing your mind and the feeling of
a hand around the neck. These are the common descriptions of a panic attack.

Getting these elevated levels of cortisol back down to normal is the subject matter of myriad magazine
articles and web sites, dedicated to stress and anxiety. By simply resting your mind, in about 10 minutes time your adrenalin levels will subside and cortisol
levels will follow if you can clear your mind of daily distractions and be still.  By doing this daily, cortisol levels will continue to decline on a day over day
basis, meaning you will awake with slightly lower levels then you had the previous morning. Under greater stress, it may be necessary to have a several
relaxation breaks during the day – a time to “reset”.

Of course when you are in the middle of a pressing situation, this is easier said than done, and for this reason there are many relaxation CD’s available to
help you clear your mind. It would help to choose one that is used by professionals to aid their clients, to that end, Christian Relaxation & Meditation on
Scripture has produced a series of relaxation and meditation sessions that will aid in this effort.

In addition to high quality music, any good relaxation CD is going to have 3 components: Natural Breathing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Imagery.
The purpose of imagery is simply to distract from your present concerns long enough for your cortisol levels to remain down. However for some the imagery
itself can cause conflict for many, especially for a christian type person or someone of religious values. Using the above 3 components, Christian Relaxation &
Meditation on Scripture has all original HiDef audio music recorded at 96 khtz and assumes a Christian value in the listener. The first half begins the process
deep breathing, muscle relaxation and then quieting the relaxer’s mind by focusing on God’s promises and goodness. The second half keeps the now relaxed
listener sustained in a joyful state while the music only track repeats, resulting in a sense of well being, peace and a quiet mind. For those suffering from
generalized anxiety, (mildly elevated cortisol) or anxiety and panic attacks (high elevated levels of cortisol), Christian Relaxation & Meditation on Scripture
can be a valuable tool and begin the process of restoring brain chemistry balance.

It is necessary to control your thoughts, it is the essence of dealing with anxiety naturally. Of course this is easier said than done! But it is absolutely necessary
And there is no way around it. It may be helpful to take some calming medication initially, like Lorazepam if possible, of course this is a prescription drug so you
will need to talk to your doctor or psychiatrist first. You may be saying “That’s not natural!” and you’re right, and it’s not for everyone, but I would rather see
you well even if you “cheated” to get there, it’s ok. However a drug like this will not cure your anxiety, but it can be a big help for a short time while your get to
work on controlling your thoughts. For more help on controlling your thoughts, and if you live in the San Jose CA area, please visit  
if you do not live near San Jose, we are in production of a program that will be a huge help for you soon. Meanwhile for help, we have created a CD series that
will guide you into a restful state, to help you clear your mind to begin your work. If need be, you may need to take several breaks a day initially. All you need to
do is find about ½ hour of time and a quiet place to get comfortable and listen to these albums. Remember, while these albums will not “cure” you, they will
give you a sense of peace and quiet your mind so you can begin to separate out the unhealthy thoughts that are at the root of your anxiety. These are also
available from Amazon and iTunes CD Baby in mp3

Natural help for anxiety using God’s word in a meditative program designed to calm lower your cortisol and adrenalin levels is best done in a guided
Relaxation session lasting about 18 minutes long. Then there is another music only track that also last for about 18 minutes. This is about how much time
you will need to reach a deep level of relaxation. There are also scripture verses that will teach you truth about your life while you correct thought
Patterns that are causing anxiety and/or panic attack. This music is produced to the highest quality levels and these relaxation albums are proven to
Aid in a process of calming while you are in the process of retraining your mind to stop anxiety producing thoughts and beliefs. You are experiencing a
Natural chemical response to these thoughts and if you were truly in danger, adrenalin and cortisol would be necessary to preserve your life, as in a
Dangerous situation requiring you to run away or fight, also known as a fight or flight response. But since these thoughts are misplaced you have no
Need to run or fight, so your body simply becomes over run with unhealthy levels of these natural hormones. This is the essence of a panic attack and
In lower levels, anxiety.

Additionally, it is helpful to know why it is so difficult to stop thinking unhealthy thoughts that just cause anxiety. you know you don’t want to think them,
but you do anyway. Here is why; our brains develop neuropath ways that act a lot like a nice trail does in a wilderness park. Much of our brain is like that
wilderness park in that there is a lot of space that is available for development, but we can’t use it until it is cleared and we can see what potential is
there. So unless we have a reason, we will simply keep walking on the same paths, because there is a path there. And if we didn’t really have a place to
go anyway, why not walk on the path? Makes sense unless you don’t want to go where the path runs. This is the case with a neuropath way that is
“burned in” from years of use. It is very easy to follow, familiar and seemingly safe, but it doesn’t go where we want to be now. Something has changed
and the destination is undesirable. So just as in our wilderness metaphor, the place we do want to go is uncertain and there seems to be no path, so it is
                                           I think it is interesting how natural remedies - natural help for anxiety -
                                            including those reducing stress are becoming highly sought as scientific
                                            research improves our understanding of what causes these symptoms.

                                           Is it fair to say that anxiety could be the result of our fallen state?
                                            Our real self and our ideal self conflicting with each other. We were
                                            created to be perfect and now we find ourselves in an imperfect
world trying, to the best of our knowledge, to be perfect. But our imperfect minds don't know how to be
perfect so we start judging ourselves and others, placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves, husband,
kids, friends, family; telling ourselves that we should do this and that and be like so and so. Once you
Being aware of this begins your healing.

When we compare ourselves to others we lose. This is because I am comparing my "true" self with my
"front" self so of course I look bad. During these times of comparison, I don't know what is going through
your head but I do know what is going through mine, and it isn't pretty! And I have news for you, yours
isn't pretty either! Understanding this begins your progress toward a quiet mind.

When we realize that we are fellow strugglers and not super humans, then community brings reality to
our expectations; all the "shoulds", "must" "ought" and "have tos" that we place on ourselves and others.
We need to go easy with one another and be kind and compassionate to ourselves. This is part of your
path to reduced phantom stress.

Journaling is a great way to bring our thoughts captive. When a distorted thought comes, I sit down
and counter it with the truth of the situation and scripture. I compare it to how God really sees it vs.
my distorted view. Once I understand it, I take action. I make a plan to make the situation better; I
explain to myself that this is not true. I plan my finances, my kids education, my relationships, whatever
brings the source of my discontent. This is also part of your healing process.

We have a lot to do with our own happiness! And taking action is a great angst buster. Being connected
to good friends is necessary to bring us back to center when we wander off. I am a firm believer in the
power of small groups, support groups, any group that is open to share and not pretend that everything
is fine it is part of your restoration process. It isn't that easy to find them, but when you do, it's a gift.
Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend say "there is no healing in a vacuum." We need others, we need to
Be connected in order to heal.

Surrounding ourselves with scripture or short affirmations will do wonders. Stick Post-its all around your
office, kitchen, bathroom mirror help to remember that the enemy comes to lie, steal and destroy us,
but we are surrounded with truth. Then, after listening to these cd’s you will begin to have this truth
In your mind, where it can begin to clear your thoughts.

These insights into what causes stress are found in the Bible. I marvel that as science keeps advancing
and finding "new" ways to cope, God had already said it in His Word. Take the above prescription once
or twice daily for the rest of your life.
- Silvia Lakoduk
How these albums work is a twofold process: first, they will calm you down and give you a chance to regain control over your mind. When an unhealthy
Thought is trying to break in, it will be harder for it simply because the sounds and information your mind is receiving will make that thought seem
Very out of place, which of course it is. Once these rouge thoughts are exposed it is easier to begin to deal with them because when they are simply
Background noise, it is possible to completely overlook them as they cause your body to go into overdrive. Now that they are at your conscious level, you
Can begin to deal with them.  Second, the words of these album are the truth of God’s Word. There is power in truth, especially when what is causing
Your anxiety is most likely untruth or false “what if” scenarios that cause your adrenalin and cortisol levels to rocket up. Once you are calmed down, and
Have truthful thoughts in your mind, you can begin to see through the wilderness and find direction, you can begin to build new and healthy pathways in
Your brain and let your old unhealthy pathways go. Happily, just as in our wilderness metaphor, they will grow over and cease to exist- GOOD RIDDANCE!
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